Travel phrases have become particularly popular nowadays, thanks to the spread of social networks and the Internet that enhance this form of expression short, direct, and incisive. Made famous by the great characters of literature and history, aphorisms about travel are timeless emotions, famous and lesser-known quotes that express a truth in a few words, leaving room for imagination and personal interpretation. Here is a collection of the 50 most beautiful travel phrases ever.

What is a travel aphorism?
An aphorism, a word derived from the Greek word aphorism, is a particularly short sentence, a set of a few words that manage to express a profound concept, which makes the reader think. In particular, travel aphorisms are short phrases of great effect, quotes that capture a moment of the journey, an experience, or a feeling, fixing it forever in memory and sharing it with other people.

And it is precisely the sharing that makes travel aphorisms so unique and special, often able to arouse the same feelings felt by the person who wrote that sentence. There are many quotes on travel created by famous and historical figures, some of which are the result of the artistic sensitivity of poets, novelists, and writers, who during their adventures have managed to immortalize their emotions forever.

With an aphorism it is possible to enclose in a few words the very meaning of travel, of the comparison with people and cultures different from our own, motivating others to undertake a journey of discovery of the world. Today, travel is now within everyone’s reach and quite comfortable, but some aphorisms about travel as a metaphor for life are still valid, motivating us to move forward, to see what’s new outside of our reality, opening our minds to fully enjoy the unique experience of discovering what we do not know.